The pieces you need.
Hard work included.

We’ve covered a lot of ground in our careers on luxury and premium brands before uniting at Chameleon Method. The team has had the pleasure to work for high-end brands in the hospitality, travel, automotive, consumer electronics, wine, beer and spirits industries.

At our size, we don’t have the luxury of coasting on reputation. That makes us work harder, adapt faster, design from our hearts. And it allows us to collaborate better with managers who are passionate about their businesses.

We Make
the Magic

C. P. Rivano

Storyteller + Snowboarder + Dancefreak
Master Planner + Athlete + Salsa Lover

C. L. Rivano

S. Caseria

Gearhead + Rower + Fratello
Brewer + Local + Craftsman

M. Pellicone

B. Grabell

Nobody + Was + Published
City + Country + Explorer

B. Henson