May 4, 2020

Adaptation is our life

Preparation is priceless. Process is paramount.

The pandemic changed our world and with that, responsible quarantining changed our process. Social distancing changed the cost of doing business. Being apart brought us together.

During the most uncertain time of our professional & personal lives, we learned a lot about ourselves and our agency. What we learned was that by being able to rely on our toolkit (our process), we were able to pivot and then pivot and pivot some more.

One day we were gathered around the whiteboard brainstorming and then – the very next day – we were gathered around the white glow of our screens… brainstorming. With adaptation in full effect, we found ourselves (like you) wearing every hat imaginable at the same time.

Ideating while vacuuming… Sketching while cooking…Designing while parenting…Dare we say, writing creative briefs in our briefs!

Like you. Like everyone. We were met with uncertainty and one of the greatest challenges of our lives. We know that we are not alone, and we know that we have even more to learn and create. More to do.

We are here to simply say… that we are just that. Here. We are still doing our thing and we are glad that you are here with us. Even though we are all affected, we are still effective. We are still a team.

Adaptation is our way of life and it has proven itself more than ever.

Stay safe. Stay creative. Stay adaptive.